Saying goodbye…part 2

…And then there was silence…I kept looking outside the window – things in the court were same as they always were – my neighbours going about their lives oblivious to the fact that at our house, life had basically come to a standstill. All I wanted was to get a loudspeaker and go around the court alerting everybody that the great man, whom they knew, loved, and esteemed, had exited the earth and nothing would be the same again. One of my sisters came with the neighbourhood doctor to certify that indeed dad was gone. I wanted to see what he was going to do, but couldn’t stay in the room. I was peeping round the door just as he finished and did the unthinkable – he covered dad’s face with the sheet! How could he! At that moment I Read more

Saying goodbye…

How far is heaven? Lord can you tell me! Dad knew that God was going to call him home, maybe up to the date and time. I know this is true because God will hardly do something in the lives of his sons and daughters without revealing his plans to them and more so, for someone who walked so closely with God like my dad did. I also know it was true because during his last couple weeks on earth, I could see it in his eyes, in his mood that something had shifted – dad had become more sombre, almost sad, and this sombreness grew more and more tangible in that last week. So he knew the day was fast approaching, but couldn’t say anything about it because he had lost his speech. He could only respond to his Read more

How to forgive. All about forgiveness

You know how you can forgive someone but then they keep doing the same things to hurt you over and over again? Just how do you deal with that? And then you develop this bitterness toward them and you think it’s kind of justified because even if you forgive them one more time, they are just going to hurt you again. Because it’s not a case where simple forgiveness will work. Because you feel that for forgiveness to work, the aggressor has to change and stop deliberately hurting you. He/she must ask for forgiveness and prove they mean it by not repeating the offensive behaviour. If they do not do this then they do not deserve to be forgiven. Or let’s say you forgive them. Sincerely from the heart. And you let it go for real. Then one day they Read more

Safaricom vs Telkom vs Airtel

Is it a Kenyan thing, or is it just me? In my quest to enjoy the best of all possible worlds, and perhaps due to a little FOMO; I have Airtel, Safaricom, and Telkom telephone numbers and might just be joining Equitel or even Faiba if it suits me. 🙂 Well, given my rich experience as a multiple line owner, I had to review the big three mobile phone service providers: Voice/SMS Airtel is the network where your credit hardly ever runs out. This has been my experience for real because voice calls and sms are so affordable. I’m always happy to call somebody back because, as I’ve always told everyone, “credit yangu haiishangi” (my airtime never runs out) which is good for me and somehow good for them because it keeps me loyal. They started a price war which Read more

What Does Faith look like? What does it mean to have faith?

“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” [Mark 9:24] This has been my prayer, no, it has been the cry that has consumed my entire being for the past 9 months. The cry that has been constantly in my mind, heart and on my lips and it had been getting increasingly desperate as the days went on by. Some major family issues coupled with my dad’s health situation had steadily began to weigh on my faith. All I wanted was for my dad to get better, to help him get better and when I saw that it wasn’t happening, I’d be like “God, why aren’t you with me on this? Kwani you don’t care?” I had taken my role as caregiver too personally and literally, that I began to feel like it’s my job to get my dad better. Read more