A serious business…

….continued from the previous post

Being a Christian is a serious business. Christ demands our all because we agreed to his terms and conditions when we signed the dotted line and gave our lives to Him.

We have to do what the Word of God tells us to do. The right thing. Loving, forgiving, doing good even to those who don’t seem to deserve it. We do it more for our sake because obedience is the proof that we are children of the light and not darkness. So let us shame the darkness and its fruit and just do it. Don’t wait for a light-bulb moment when you will get it.

You cannot afford passiveness because then you waste a lot of time. Just do it! Force it if necessary because otherwise it will take forever.  You may wait for inspiration to overcome the negative and do the right thing but it is usually long in coming, while in the meantime life is busy happening. You miss the good times you would have had; relationships get messed up forever and you can’t turn back time.

We may not always have the inspiration, but we always have the muscle. And anyway, inspiration will always follow commitment. But we are always able to roll our sleeves and get our hands dirty. We always have the ability to do the right thing no matter how hard. We always have our will and that counts for a lot if we are going to conquer evil and progress in our relationship with God. For real. In practice and not in theory. Real, tangible, obvious, evident-to-all kind of results.

Let’s not assume that because we are walking with God, some things will come automatically. Get real! (that one’s for me) I’ve got to sweat and and get some dirt on my hands. It won’t get done any other way. I have to plant what I expect to sow — love, blessing, complements, prayers, godliness, good attitude, forgiveness, respect, trust, kindness, and so on. The sowing is not really glamorous or easy but we gotta press on.

Why read the Word of God if we are not going to practise it?

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