A Valentine’s Story – Wambui & Mbugua

Valentine’s Day is on the way so I must write about Mbugua. My “Mbugua”, well….almost.

I believe we all know the famous story of Wambui Otieno and her young beau Mbugua. Their love affair captured the minds of the entire  nation. When the announcement of their nuptials was made, the news was on every Kenyan’s lips. Mostly because they could not understand how Wambui, a 67 year old woman could marry a man who was 42 years younger than her. “What’s wrong with Mbugua?” “What does he possibly see in her?” “He must be after her money, the gold-digger.” “Poor boy, he’s lost his mind.” On and on the debate continued & it just wouldn’t stop. Actually, people were not really debating at all – just criticising the couple. Nothing positive or encouraging. Wambui and Mbugua had become villains for choosing to be together.

So here I was. A much younger guy using all the right words on me. When he first started paying me attention I thought he was just being polite. A young man who has been brought up right to respect and be nice to his elders. With time, his niceness started taking on some romantic undertones which did not remain “under” for very long. For me I thought that given the age difference nothing must happen between us, so I couldn’t let his vibes affect me. I learnt to take his advances casually to avoid encouraging what could not be. When I told him that it couldn’t work because I am older than him, he said age is just a number and that it was not fair that I was asking him to look up to me and not at me. That I admit was too original. I liked it.
With time I started enjoying his advances when it became obvious that he liked me. It’s a classic girl thing – a guy consistently pays you some good attention; tells you all the sweet things you need to hear; looks at you in “that way” and it is only a matter of time till you start to really like him. And develop feelings for him. So it happened that he now started having “that” effect on me – ladies you know what I’m talking about :)))))

He became my prince-in-waiting and I started dreaming of the possibilities. Could it actually happen? Can I find love with a guy much younger than myself? Can I live with people’s comments & opinions about it? Can he? I did the math & decided it could work.
I told him to be careful what he wished for coz he might actually get it. He said that if he got “it”, that would be awesome. According to him, at this point he had reluctantly decided to start looking elsewhere because I had denied him. I told him that he’s a solid guy and I really liked him but my dilemma was that I din’t want to put him in a difficult situation when one day I’m sagging in all the wrong places and he’s at the prime of his life wondering if he made a mistake. (Don’t roll your eyes.) He said if God wants us to be together (and apparently God had said so) then nothing was enough to keep us apart. I said that I had been hesitant to begin a relationship with him because I was thinking of him first due to the age difference. He said it does not matter how old I was; the important thing is that he knows how old he is. (Eish, this guy is smooth I tell you.)
So that’s when I told him my age. His response: “Christians should not lie :o)” earned him many points. I asked him if “tunawesmake?” (If it could really work between us.) He referred to me as a beautiful 20-at-heart and therefore “kumake nayo!” (Of course it will work.)
So we went out for a coffee date to give us a chance to know each other. I also wanted to know if he really knew what he wanted. Since he’s quite young, I asked him to give himself time and keep his options open. I hoped that after careful consideration & weighing his options he would still choose me. (Was this my fatal mistake?) Well, the new year rolled around and it is so sad that even with all that back & forth (and all my hoping), there is still nothing to show for it. So it’s back to the drawing board for me.
To you “Mbugua” I only have kind words for you because if nothing else, you gave me my groove back. You will make a lady somewhere very happy one day.


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