Safaricom vs Telkom vs Airtel

Is it a Kenyan thing, or is it just me? In my quest to enjoy the best of all possible worlds, and perhaps due to a little FOMO; I have Airtel, Safaricom, and Telkom telephone numbers and might just be joining Equitel or even Faiba if it suits me. 🙂 Well, given my rich experience as a multiple line owner, I had to review the big three mobile phone service providers: Voice/SMS Airtel is the network where your credit hardly ever runs out. This has been my experience for real because voice calls and sms are so affordable. I’m always happy to call somebody back because, as I’ve always told everyone, “credit yangu haiishangi” (my airtime never runs out) which is good for me and somehow good for them because it keeps me loyal. They started a price war which Read more