Saying goodbye…part 2

…And then there was silence…I kept looking outside the window – things in the court were same as they always were – my neighbours going about their lives oblivious to the fact that at our house, life had basically come to a standstill. All I wanted was to get a loudspeaker and go around the court alerting everybody that the great man, whom they knew, loved, and esteemed, had exited the earth and nothing would be the same again. One of my sisters came with the neighbourhood doctor to certify that indeed dad was gone. I wanted to see what he was going to do, but couldn’t stay in the room. I was peeping round the door just as he finished and did the unthinkable – he covered dad’s face with the sheet! How could he! At that moment I Read more

Saying goodbye…

How far is heaven? Lord can you tell me! Dad knew that God was going to call him home, maybe up to the date and time. I know this is true because God will hardly do something in the lives of his sons and daughters without revealing his plans to them and more so, for someone who walked so closely with God like my dad did. I also know it was true because during his last couple weeks on earth, I could see it in his eyes, in his mood that something had shifted – dad had become more sombre, almost sad, and this sombreness grew more and more tangible in that last week. So he knew the day was fast approaching, but couldn’t say anything about it because he had lost his speech. He could only respond to his Read more

House-help chronicles part 2

I like writing about househelps (or domestic managers as they are now called) because let’s face it, they add a certain flavour, excitement or even drama to our daily living. From eating the baby’s cerelac, to entertaining male “friends” and wearing the employer’s clothing; their shenanigans are the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters. Love them or hate them, they are an important part of our modern city life. Here are a few types I have observed: Madam Appetite One lady in my hood had a househelp who, in the name of tasting the food she had just cooked, would eat a plateful of food, then at mealtime, eat another plateful. Especially on the days she cooked meat dishes, ha ha. I know it’s true because the local “CNN” always had the freshest 411 from every household as soon as it happened. Read more

Everybody needs good neighbours

Buruburu Estate has always been a pleasantly unassuming place – a kind of urban melting pot with all kinds of people from diverse backgrounds living together in harmony. For the most part anyways. There are always those neighbours who consistently test the limits of good neighbourliness because they do not want to adhere to community guidelines. These are the kind I want to write about today. Issa rant! First off, let me talk about individualism. The extreme kind that’s slowly creeping into our community life, threatening to turn neighbours into strangers and in the process kill the heart of our African culture. Back in the day, it was just as normal to be sent next door to borrow a few matchsticks, as it was to have a neighbour knock on your door asking for a cupful of sugar. Today, I Read more

In loving memory of my dear sister

Happy Birthday Wangari! About four years ago, you celebrated your last birthday on earth but you did not receive a happy birthday wish from me. I had sent you my customary happy birthday text message, but it is only later that I came to realize that you did not receive it because you had changed numbers. When you left us a mere 3 months later, one of the things I regretted was why I didn’t also post a happy birthday wish on Facebook, because then you would definitely have seen it. I remember the last conversation we had some weeks earlier. You had come home to collect some merchandise and we had an interesting conversation about how Size 8 had gotten saved and married DJ Mo. You wondered if it was truly possible for someone who was a certified “bad-girl”, Read more