Strays In the Backyard

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read contains descriptions about animals getting killed. Do not attempt this at home & don’t report us to KSPCA or to the City Council. We love animals. Honest. I first heard the noise late one night. The suspicious rustling of the maize stalks in our backyard as if somebody was creeping around the “shamba” in the middle of the night. I peeped through my bedroom window into the darkness but could not make anything out. I went back to sleep but reluctantly  because I was freaked out. I can’t exactly remember how long but this went on and off for several nights. One morning I heard the same suspicious noise again. Now in broad daylight, I looked outside and saw a dog (with brownish black fur) which had apparently thought he could be our new best friend. It Read more

“Stan the Man” pt1

Codename: D.A.D. It was only a matter of  time before I had to do a piece on this guy. My dad. A born story-teller, he loves passing on his wisdom by sharing the tales of his life. His story needs to be told and so here I am….Stan: The Life of the party   Why lie. He’s the kind of guy you want in your function. A true people person. Always making people laugh with his endless stories and great personality. Wish I was more like him in this respect. He treats all visitors to the house as his own. Once a friend of mine visited me and as I was seeing him off he mentioned to me that if he had ever wondered how life was like in the sixties, he now had a detailed graphic in 3D, thanks to my dad. Read more

I’m not domestic… that such a bad thing?

I have written elsewhere on this blog, how when I was growing up household chores in our house operated like an assembly line. I’m not sure if this affected me in any way (except perhaps limiting my cooking skills), all I know is that I have grown to not like house chores. Of course I love a clean house, clean clothes and home-made food but if I could get someone to wait on me daily I am so set. If only (sigh!) p.s. I think I scared away a potential suitor last year when I shared this he he he. Note to self: some things are better left unsaid until…… 🙂 Pastor Walter @ my church once gave a story about a lady who had been seeking prayers for a spouse for a long time. He was concerned so he did a background check Read more

Kevin, don’t worry that I’m a Fashion Risk :)

I thank God so much for you coz I know that wherever I am and whatever I do you always got my back covered. You feel with me and for me & I appreciate that somewhere along the way, the line between aunt and nephew became a little blurred – even though it drives dad crazy sometimes 🙂Lately you’ve been on my case to be less “different”, to wear my hair more conventionally and to upgrade my wardrobe – I think it’s because of a comment you heard from someone about how “different” I am. I’ll own that I’m different and even strange if that’s how some people see me. I only wish they could just call me unique because everyone is.Anyway, I know you want me to conform to an extent because you’re just trying to protect me from being hurt Read more

Mummy, I Dropped The Kid! and other baby stories

I have enjoyed immensely my involvement in raising the next generation in our family namely, my nieces and nephews. I got such crazy love for them that many times I’ve thought my heart would burst — that all this love could just be the end of me –causing me to simply explode coz it’s so much. Kevo was the first to check in way back in ’91 and my first impression of the new baby was “mtoto wa Carol ako na masikio black!”  I was really fascinated that his ears were black compared to the rest of him. I was just a kid in primary school so in a sense we grew up together – he was more like a little brother and I loved taking care of him coz I had never taken care of a baby before.He’s the Read more