A Valentine’s Story – Wambui & Mbugua

Valentine’s Day is on the way so I must write about Mbugua. My “Mbugua”, well….almost. I believe we all know the famous story of Wambui Otieno and her young beau Mbugua. Their love affair captured the minds of the entire  nation. When the announcement of their nuptials was made, the news was on every Kenyan’s lips. Mostly because they could not understand how Wambui, a 67 year old woman could marry a man who was 42 years younger than her. “What’s wrong with Mbugua?” “What does he possibly see in her?” “He must be after her money, the gold-digger.” “Poor boy, he’s lost his mind.” On and on the debate continued & it just wouldn’t stop. Actually, people were not really debating at all – just criticising the couple. Nothing positive or encouraging. Wambui and Mbugua had become villains for choosing to Read more

It must have been love…..A reply from the “dear friend”

Dear friend,I must say that it was a pleasant surprise to read from you after such a long time, and what made it even better, is the fact that I don’t quite remember the last time I received a letter. It reminded me of high school days!The going has been great, though I won’t be honest to myself if I lie that I haven’t missed you; I still miss and remember the late night phone calls SMS, EMAILS and coffee dates with nostalgia.I know this will be shocker because through the entire affair and the events that followed I kept a brave face, but truth be told, I was HEARTBROKEN miserably 🙁  I had many questions than answers as to why, a guy like me would be turned down by a chick. I have always believed that am on top Read more

Was this love…? A note to a dear friend…..

I believe this finds you doing well. Physically. Financially. In every area of life. I trust especially that your heart is doing great.We have been there and done it me n you – the love thing I mean and as a result we’ve been through much……love & fun times; drama & heartbreak.Our brief, sweet time together came at a time in my life when I really needed someone to affirm me and you did that for me. I had someone to call mine and that was priceless. You did all those little things that make a lady feel special: long late-night telephone conversations; text messages throughout the day; and all that. Why then did I let you go? I also don’t quite understand why. Why did I suddenly get cold feet? What happened? I pray that as I write this I will be able to hear Read more

Of love and the single life (2)

So now I’ve been asked many times, “how come you’re not married?” One of our bosses who is a bit of a bully 🙂 especially enjoyed asking me such questions offering to hook me up with one of his many cousins. He usually managed to make me speechless but one day I said “yes, bring him, I would like the hookup”…. and that was the end of it. Most times I just answer people that that’s just the state of affairs – there’s no big reason why I’m not married. It’s not like I can stand outside outside the gate and grab a passer-by and tell him I’d like to marry him!! Even dudes don’t do that and it’s traditionally their role to do the chasing and proposing. So I’ve wondered, am I too choosy? Is my husband-to-be checklist from Read more

Of love and the single life

“Miaka 33 bila scandal, ama mpango, wa kando……” If you are not familiar with these words then it is my great pleasure to educate you. These are lyrics from the hit song “Ni Msoh” by Kelele Takatifu & HD and of course if you listen to it you will know they (obviously) refer to Jesus Christ.I write this coz I kinda relate with Jesus – alikuwa 33 na haku-marry. Mimi pia sija-marry and I admit I have often wondered about the what, when, how, who, where and why of marriage.Like many singles, I have had moments where I wonder “who’s mine, who’s not?” Daddy Owen & Co nailed it in their hit collabo ” I Don’t Know” watch it here and I salute them for giving voice to issues singles struggle with inwardly but do not dare talk about in the open. Being single in this Read more