Christianity 101

…”Iron sharpens iron…” Proverbs 27:17 There is one particular “iron” which God has used to sharpen me a lot over the years. His name is Kevo my eldest nephew.
He’s been on my case lately about some stuff…see I’m the kind of person who believes in “confessing sins one to another..” I willingly expose my sins and faults instead of covering them because I know that is a way of getting the help I need. So I have done this with him and in the process ended up painting a picture of myself as one who is forever struggling to practise the basics of Christianity a.k.a a fake.
See, by trying to be real I found myself highlighting the areas which I’m struggling in because I didn’t want to be tooting my own horn. And this was beginning to piss him off.

Every time he would check up on me it would be a case of similar script, with a different cast. The last time I was not being kind to person X; this time I’m finding it hard to forgive person Y, and so on.
He is of the opinion that if you need to do it, then do it. Don’t lament how you are trying but it’s so hard! He said he’d rather I stop “trying” to do the right thing until the day I actually do it for real. For instance, it doesn’t make sense hurting a person over and over and each time asking for forgiveness – think of the effect this has on the affected person. [If he is not born again it is unlikely you will win him to Christ because he will consider you a fraud. Also, till when do you carry on with this yo-yo type Christianity?]

I thought long and hard for two straight days, these things heavy on my heart. And then I got it. I finally got it. See before I had convinced myself that my strivings to do the right thing were proof that I had a heart after God which in a way made me content to remain the way I was. With no real lasting change. So what was missing?

God opened my eyes to see that what I lacked was commitment. That I have to be purposeful in obeying what the Bible instructs. We are judged by our actions so we cannot afford to judge ourselves by our intentions. If you believe it then it’s gotta be seen. In our actions; our way of life; our relationships – when you weigh these according to the Word of God, how do you rate?

Word. This discussion obviously has to continue so…see you then!

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