Dark Horses by Switchfoot

“We’re singing hey, you can’t count us out; we’ve been running up against the crowd, yeah, we are the dark horses. We’re singing wait, it’s not over now, we’ve been down but we’ve never been out, we are the dark horses…”

A ‘dark horse’ according to Merriam-Webster is “a little-known contender (as a race horse) that makes an unexpectedly good showing.

This piece is dedicated to a beautiful girl with a heart of gold. The sweetest, most sincere human being on the face of the planet for real: my lovely, precious sister Lydia.

“I’ve been to hell & back again…” Life has dealt her some difficult cards because she’s specially-abled. She’s been overlooked, under-appreciated and down-trodden, even by those who should be supporting her. It’s quite easy to dismiss her & others like her; few of us take time to engage them and ask their opinion, even on issues that affect them. Is it that they have nothing to offer? Of course not.

Many times, when the going has gotten tough, I (who has everything going for me) have been content to put my dreams on the shelf, doubting I have the strength to overcome the challenges. But I have learned so much from her because no matter what, she always perseveres, always hopes and always believes in the beauty of her dreams. This makes me think of Nick Vujicic and how he has achieved way beyond what most people would have expected of him. And this is one of the ways I know that God is real – because only He can perform such miracles in and through those who trust in Him.

The song reminds me that everybody was born to shine and that God will make a most valuable vessel out of the most unlikely material. He will raise a champion from the most difficult of circumstances. God created all of us in His image; breathed on us and gave us a unique purpose – a special mission that we alone can fulfill. And that’s it. It’s the breath of God in us that makes the difference and enables us to stand out, therefore we should never despise or look down on anyone. Plus at the end of the day, we are all human beings with red blood flowing in our veins. In fact, I’ve discovered that the only difference between my sister and I is that she has the purest heart and loves everybody, traits that she inspires me to develop. There’s nothing in her make up that says she will not succeed, and there’s nothing in yours that says you won’t succeed either.

So if you are facing seemingly insurmountable odds, take heart because God will grant you your heart’s desires. Stay positive that because you were “born for the blue skies, you’ll survive the rain; that because you were born for the sunrise, you’ll survive the pain..” And if you know someone in similar circumstances, choose to be the vessel through which they can fulfill their destiny.

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