Growing up…

Well, I obviously survived and lived to tell the tale…including how they (my siblings) once made juice from my soiled nappies and gave me to drink! Ha haaaaa! Of course I don’t recall the incident or the taste (thank God!) – they just told on themselves one day. Too much info if you ask me 🙂

FFWD a few years to my first year of school which I wasn’t too keen to join – my dad had to buy me chocolate in order to get me to attend the Pre-Unit interview!
Now, in my class was this boy called Jones who happened to be a neighbour as well. Jones was my “escort” from school everyday. Home-time @12.45pm, I would grab my lunch box and juice bottle and prepare for the ride of my life coz he would chase me @ high speed and I would scream all the way home. Why? I guess I’ll never know although some would say it was because he liked me, really? Anyway, we must have been quite a sight at least for anyone who was fast enough to keep up with us 🙂
I’m not sure how long our little routine lasted and when it ended, but one day it just did. I think some ‘concerned’ adult intervened or maybe we (he) just grew up.
Moral of the story, er…..

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