Help, I’m having an affair!

OMG! I, the Original Kenyan, am having an affair! I happen to be the super-loyal type who stick with you to the very end so this development is rather disturbing .
I mean, I don’t throw things away – I once had this sweater which I loved. It was a long black baggy sweater with some multi-coloured abstract design on the front which I got from my sister Carey for 200 bob (bless her) when I was a freshman in college in 1999. I proudly wore it till 2010 and only gave it away after my other sister Trish threatened to find it and burn it. Talk of radical intervention! I didn’t see what the big deal was ๐Ÿ™‚
It had become such a trademark that I believed if you went to space and saw a sweater like it, it’s likely that I beat you to it and got there before you ๐Ÿ™‚
And my cell phones – one of them is a Siemens C45 which I got as a gift in 2005.
p.s. I still have my first phone from 2003, a Samsung N500 which I bought using a school fees refund behind my dad’s back.
I think you get it so let me get back to my affair….

If you live in the suburbs or outskirts of Nairobi then you know how hectic it can be getting into town every  morning. I live in Buruburu and among the means of public transport available include Double M, Citi Hoppa, KBS & the regular matatus.
When Double M launched their shuttle service in Buruburu you could only catch me dead, travelling in one of those things. We in Eastlands just love our matatus and the competition from Double M was just not welcome. With time however, I was converted, became their #1 supporter and then I wouldn’t be caught dead in another mode of public transport.
Double M’s die-hard customers can be seen queueing for hours if need be for the next bus – and I was one of them until recently.
You will now spot me rushing to get into the nearest KBS because I know they will get me into town in 25 minutes max, a feat I’m not sure if Double M can manage. I, who until recently turned up my nose at those who used KBS & Citi Hoppa has now ditched my beloved Double M. Now the guilt of my betrayal hangs over me like a cloud every morning and evening but still I continue to do it.
BTW, please don’t laugh at me – this is really serious. I’m caught in this vicious cycle and don’t know how to break free. I was heart-broken when a pal of mine, who I used to meet in Double Ms in the morning told me that he has also made the switch.Woi. No words. Please just pray for me ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “Help, I’m having an affair!

  1. Liz says:

    My two cents: Make it more detailed, the content sounds like choices you make/that everybody makes. Pick one situation and expound on it, giving many examples takes the juice out of the piece. Add humor, like Trish looking for the sweter to burn it – it stood out. We are looking for the out of ordinary scenario. Haya, twende kazi.

  2. ORiGinAL KeNy@N says:

    โ€ŽTimothy and Liz pls help me n elaborate – what kind of flesh should I have added to this piece? What were u expecting? I'll appreciate your help coz u'll be helping me to get better. thanks

  3. Liz says:

    Catchy title….you got my attention. As Timothy suggests, more flesh would be great. Hope that was just the appetiser:-)

  4. Timothy says:

    wen i read the title of your blog, i expected something different from what i have read….add more flesh to it….more please!!

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