I’m not domestic…..is that such a bad thing?

I have written elsewhere on this blog, how when I was growing up household chores in our house operated like an assembly line. I’m not sure if this affected me in any way (except perhaps limiting my cooking skills), all I know is that I have grown to not like house chores. Of course I love a clean house, clean clothes and home-made food but if I could get someone to wait on me daily I am so set. If only (sigh!)
p.s. I think I scared away a potential suitor last year when I shared this he he he. Note to self: some things are better left unsaid until…… 🙂
Pastor Walter @ my church once gave a story about a lady who had been seeking prayers for a spouse for a long time. He was concerned so he did a background check and discovered that she was not doing well on the domestic front in terms of keeping her parents’ home neat. That’s when he got a breakthrough about her situation and told her to go home and do things right. He was not surprised when a few months later she was in a serious relationship with marriage on the cards. According to Pastor, that was a direct result of the changes she effected in her life because when you do the right thing, you get the right results. That’s just the way life is.
Then Joyce Meyer absolutely hammered me when she said, “You can’t take authority over your life if you don’t have authority over a sink full of dirty dishes or a messy garage”. So believe me when I say I try.
My friend Christine once visited me on a Saturday afternoon and gave me a lecture about it – she had wanted to come in the morning but had decided to give me allowance to do my chores, only to come and find me mopping the house at 3pm! Ha ha that’s a good friend.

Rachel, my other friend sits with me in a not so clean house with a sink full of dirty dishes and will not put pressure on me to step up. She, however sets such a good example in how she runs her affairs that I really want to be like her. She is always on top of things which reminds me of something I heard, that if you don’t keep up, you will have to catch up. Hmmm…..
That’s why I hired a cleaning lady a while back to take all the pressure off myself and make me look good. So why did I let her go after more than a year of faithful, excellent service? I wanted to hone my home-making skills because I aspire to have a family and be able to run my home well. Let’s just say that 10 months down the line, I am considering calling her back. 
I remember me in 2003 when my nephew Kevo was in primary school and living with us. I used to wait till he was wearing his last set of clean school uniform before cleaning the rest. It so happened that one evening he did not have a clean set of uniform for the next morning. That’s when I got a brainwave – I discovered I could toss the wet clothes into the oven to dry them! Ha haaa  – pure couch-potato genius! Baking Kevo’s uniform soon became the rule rather than the exception. That was courting disaster and of course the inevitable had to happen – one day I “zubaad” and ended up baking his shorts to a crisp. The boy was devastated. After apologising profusely, I had to wash another pair and watch over it till it dried. 
Nowadays, the Tuskys Deli has become a favourite. There I get all my favourite hot meals on the go – mukimo; traditional vegetables; pilau; matumbo – why cook?
So do I have a complex or am I plain lazy? Don’t answer that. Can I can get away with being like this? You can answer this 🙂  


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  1. Anonymous says:

    ..rarely am i speechless.. 🙂
    some questions ought not be answered..ur own journey of finding it out is more exhilarating than a quick answer..

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