It must have been love…..A reply from the “dear friend”

Dear friend,
I must say that it was a pleasant surprise to read from you after such a long time, and what made it even better, is the fact that I don’t quite remember the last time I received a letter. It reminded me of high school days!
The going has been great, though I won’t be honest to myself if I lie that I haven’t missed you; I still miss and remember the late night phone calls SMS, EMAILS and coffee dates with nostalgia.
I know this will be shocker because through the entire affair and the events that followed I kept a brave face, but truth be told, I was HEARTBROKEN miserably 🙁  I had many questions than answers as to why, a guy like me would be turned down by a chick. I have always believed that am on top of things and any girl who is worth her salt couldn’t turn down my hand in marriage. Up to now I still don’t understand but thank God you tried to shed some light on that.

I still remember the first time I saw you 🙂 One thing that attracted me to you is your simplicity, complexion and your down to earth nature and the fact that you were bespectacled 🙂
 I want to admit here that marriage is a very sensitive issue that before one gets into it they must be sure that they have really heard from God; Marriage is supposed to be a life time contract and therefore its foundation must be strong for it to survive the challenges of life and that’s why I respected your decision.
Immediately after our break up or after noticing your reluctance, I hooked up with someone else whom later on I realized that I didn’t actually love them but I used them to help my healing. That chick still hates me up to now. For the last few months I have been seeing someone else, but as things stand now, I doubt if it will lead to the altar.
Just from the word go I realized that you were very possessive and that u wanted me for you alone. Another thing that you had problem with was my very outgoing nature and I believe this made you very insecure, but there was nothing I could do about them because I wanted to be free to be me and to be accepted just the way I am.
I want to say thank you for letting me into your world. Am not sad that things didn’t go the way I expected them to go, rather am happy that I got to know you. I still remember the fish dates at Kosewe 🙂
Before I sign out, I want to say that I wish you well, and one favor please, I would like to do a fish date with you soon.
Keep well,
Your friend

9 thoughts on “It must have been love…..A reply from the “dear friend”

  1. Christine says:

    Hmm. Maybe it was for ur gud it didnt work! If he can admit he used someone who hates him to date, and the other chic he is seeing he doesn't think it will lead to the altar (poor gal hop she knows) and he now wants a date with u, knowing how u feel abt him…..jeez!

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