Kevin, don’t worry that I’m a Fashion Risk :)

I thank God so much for you coz I know that wherever I am and whatever I do you always got my back covered. You feel with me and for me & I appreciate that somewhere along the way, the line between aunt and nephew became a little blurred – even though it drives dad crazy sometimes 🙂
Lately you’ve been on my case to be less “different”, to wear my hair more conventionally and to upgrade my wardrobe – I think it’s because of a comment you heard from someone about how “different” I am. I’ll own that I’m different and even strange if that’s how some people see me. I only wish they could just call me unique because everyone is.
Anyway, I know you want me to conform to an extent because you’re just trying to protect me from being hurt but please understand that people will always say things about you whether they are justified to say them or not. And you can’t stop them. This may not make you feel any better, but please be assured that I’m used to being different so I’ve kinda developed a thick skin to deal with all that. 

Remember that little black wrap-round dress I used to have? Dad used to complain that it’s too short but you told him, “You know, she is a beautiful, single lady………” 🙂 ha ha ha I won’t complete the rest of your statement but I understand where you were coming from – you don’t want Mr Right to miss me because he mistook me for the bag lady. Point taken.  
I’ve told you how in high school guys were rather jazzed by my uniqueness. I was able to be friends with girls like Edna Otieno & Jane Kimani not because I conformed to be like them but because of my difference. Jane actually referred to me as “abnormal” and coming from her, it was a real compliment (she was known to have a rather caustic tongue). Many girls wanted to be like me. Imagine that. 
One of my dearest and bestest friends Konnie and I were complete opposites on the outside. She was stylish and lived on the cutting edge of fashion – “Mutindwa” was her paradise and her sister called her a fashion victim. I on the other hand, had better things to do with my money and anyway, I din’t feel second-hand clothes. But we were cool because we gelled @ heart level and valued the same things.  
So you see, conforming for me is neither here nor there…and so is what people say. I am unshackled. I dance to my own tune. Plus I’m a geek and we are not known to be fashionistas he he.
So please relax, it’s really not that serious. 

2 thoughts on “Kevin, don’t worry that I’m a Fashion Risk :)

  1. Kevo says:

    Ha ha I gotta say you explained yourself pwiti well. And u know its all love when am on ur case. U are unique. And blessd. Have an awesome day glo

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