‘Liseme’ by Sarah K

Have you ever been so overwhelmed, you had no words to express what you were feeling? Maybe you thought that you were in such deep trouble that you could never get out. Or you were so ashamed of something you did that the guilt is threatening to suffocate you.

This song is urging us to ‘say it’. Open up your mouth and say it. Don’t keep it in. Whatever it is. And not just to anyone but to Jesus. He himself told us to, “Ask and it will given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Ask and you will receive and your joy will be complete”. Our enemy the devil will surely overcome us if we keep silent because the help we need is only a prayer away.

“Kwani ni jambo lipi hilo yeye asiloliweza?” What is it that God can’t do for you? You think your sins are too much for the blood of Jesus? The blood of Jesus is available and powerful enough to wash away even the darkest sin. So go ahead and ask God to cleanse you.

He who blessed you with a child, will He now stand and watch as this child starves to death? No! Hold God to His word – he will never go against his word but watches over it to perform it. Yeah, God is watching over His word over you to make sure it comes to pass. Don’t waste it. Ask.

Liseme.”Yeye ni baba wa yatima, yeye ni mume wa wajane”. Just imagine how is it possible for God to be father of the fatherless and husband to the widow? It is mind-boggling but it’s the fact. God can do and be the unthinkable, the supernatural for us –it’s possible with Jesus! However outrageous it is.

The 5 loaves and 2 fish incident in the Bible was outrageous. Imagine the crowd of 5000+ that was there and Jesus asking, “where can you buy food around here?” like He could feed the whole lot. But He fed them all and some was left over. See, it doesn’t matter how dire the situation or how little there is.

Sometimes everything around us screams impossible and the enemy will keep whispering discouraging words. If you listen to him you will be silenced. He wants you to be silent because he knows that when you tell Jesus all of your troubles your salvation will surely come –and he’ll be out of business. So No! Refuse to stay silent. As long as you have breath, do not allow the devil to silence you.

So friends, “liseme” and believe God will do it even if it’s killing you to do it. Confess it by faith. You may not even have the faith to confess God’s word or even to “sema” the issue to God but do it by faith that you will have the faith to confess and believe and say.

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