Miss ‘Innocent’

Innocent. That’s my other name at least according to one Mrs. Wanyoike who gave me the name when I was a little girl. She was a good friend of my mama’s and the family as well. Now if you were to look at my little-girl photos, you would immediately understand why the name Innocent fit me perfectly. I was the cutest girl and had the cutest poses with my head angled to the side – stuff that can melt stone hearts. Smiley
I was not only ‘innocent’ in my looks, I was really innocent in heart too – a knockout combo that could get me many favours but one that also made me a soft target for pranksters. That’s at least how I chose to understand incidents such as this one which happened when we were in Class 6.

One break time, this girl called Nyambura whispered to me “twende tuka-buy, niko na doo za ku-buy”. Translation: she had cash and wanted us to go to the kiosks and buy some snacks @ break-time! This meant sneaking out at break-time, a highly dangerous thing especially since the staffroom windows faced the gate and all the teachers happened to be gathered in there at the said time. However something about the way she approached me sold me and I agreed to risk my neck for the promise of enjoying the illegal delicacies. Then we reach the shops she goes like “lakini sina doo” and she empties her pockets for me to see that for real she doesn’t have money *speechless!* So we quickly run back and mercifuly don’t get caught. Now Nyambura woishe, why did you do this to me? LOL!Enyewe ulikuwa mnoma tu sana – uliniacha “kwa mataa” mbaya.

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