Mummy, I Dropped The Kid! and other baby stories

I have enjoyed immensely my involvement in raising the next generation in our family namely, my nieces and nephews. I got such crazy love for them that many times I’ve thought my heart would burst — that all this love could just be the end of me –causing me to simply explode coz it’s so much.

Kevo was the first to check in way back in ’91 and my first impression of the new baby was “mtoto wa Carol ako na masikio black!”  I was really fascinated that his ears were black compared to the rest of him. I was just a kid in primary school so in a sense we grew up together – he was more like a little brother and I loved taking care of him coz I had never taken care of a baby before.
He’s the one who got dropped. He was just a few months old – a round, chubby, too-cute-for-words baby – when it happened. Woi! I still feel it like it was yesterday. The worst kind of panic imaginable. I was in the kitchen with my bro and for some reason I decided to place the baby on the kitchen table with his back against the wall coz he was too small to sit up by himself. All of a sudden my bro shouts, “the baby!” I turned in time to see the baby tipping over and time stood still….and as if in slow motion he landed on his head on the kitchen floor. *DEAD* Can’t really recall what happened afterwards because I was numb with pain. I had done the unthinkable. I let the baby fall on his head! I was going to die on the spot and go straight to hell for that one.
But imagine the faithfulness of God, the baby survived with no lasting injuries and he’s all growed up now. If I could turn back time….that’s one thing I’d wipe out from history.

There’s Njugush. He’s a special one this one. And deep. For his 9 years, he displays an amazing maturity on life & God issues. And he LOVES God. And school. And his family. He’s a brave fighter too – he’s faced serious health issues and other tough stuff but he never gives up, never let’s it get him down. My hero. We read the Bible, pray together and talk for hours & hours about nothing, anything & everything.
He’s the one who asks the hard questions like, “why doesn’t aunt Pattie have a job?” When I told him that her job is taking care of her family he said, “I don’t mean that, I mean a money-job”. And, “if someone never shares his things with you, is he still your friend?” Wow. Perceptive fellow. His brother calls him a genius and I agree.

Murimi is one colourful character. He just turned 5 this Sunday. He’s the one who says “my mummy doesn’t beat me when I’m naughty, she just pinches me on the bum”. he he, mama Murimi 🙂 He loves Ben 10, Spiderman and Transformers. He has Spiderman underwear and pyjamas, Ben 10 t-shirts & action figures and the only thing missing from his collection is a Spiderman bed, or is it a Transformers one? And the super-powers of course. I can’t count the number of times he has used his imaginary powers on me – he has shot me; burned me with fire from his mouth; trapped me with spider webs, everything. At least he can count on me to be a willing victim every time 🙂 He’s also the one who when he had just learned to talk waited for the church to be totally silent before telling his mummy in a loud baby voice, “wachana na mpango wa kando, epuka ukimwi!”

Now when these two, Murimi & Njugush get together there’s always fireworks. Last Christmas, we were decorating Murimi’s house and the two started singing about Santa. In two seconds, the song had turned into a shooting song and the Santa figures turned into guns. And guess who was getting shot? LOL. Boys.  

Toni will turn three in July. At only 2 years, she could operate an iPad (for real – she could turn it on, navigate straight to her apps and use them – the only thing she couldn’t do was key in the correct password/ code) and negotiate with her mum about what to wear & what to eat.  I once baby-sat her and she ate crisps for breakfast. Oops! I’ve just busted myself. She’s a true princess and has become quite the expert on all things princess – hair, dress, the works. She has a beautiful heart and loves to share her toys and snacks. She is also Ciru’s #1 encourager. Whenever she senses that he sister is stuck, she’s there to say, “you can do it Ciru, you can do it”.
And she likes “melon sweets”. The other day we came home after shopping and her mum discovered that her new pack of water-melon flavoured gum was missing from her handbag. She looked around and discovered the wrapper on the floor but no gum inside. She asked Toni if she’s seen it and she appeared clueless but kumbe she had taken all the pieces of gum and stashed them in a drawer for future use. Mama Toni, I wonder where she got that one from 🙂

Finally there’s Ciru. She loves swimming and the trampoline. She is easy-going, cheeky and very perceptive – you can never lie to her. Better come clean with her upfront because she’ll bust you. And when she gets upset, it can break your heart because sometimes it’s not easy to get the cause of her discomfort. Love her to bits. Being autistic, I celebrate every achievement because I know she can do it. She CAN do life and she will do it. Plus, with a personal cheering squad aka Toni there’s no doubt that she will go places. So I pray for her and dream for her because nothing is impossible.

Love you babies. I celebrate you.

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