Nimekubali by Eunice Njeri

I first heard this song on K24 early this year and immediately loved it. Not  because it was the hottest track on the charts but because I identify so much with the message. It is a song of surrender that captures the cry of my heart perfectly.

I was fresh from learning the lesson of “Sitolia” – that I must stop mourning and playing victim about the negative stuff happening to me and around me and be upbeat because God is working things out. But now it was time to move to the next level.

When someone says “nimekubali” they mean “alright, I accept”. Like in a court of law when a defendant is asked if he accepts the charges brought against him. Or when an weighty offer is put before you and the difficult call is now yours to make; what you say is what will be and the consequences yours to live with. Here, God was reminding me to take the next step. I have to surrender 100% to His ways.

His ways. Everything written in His word I have to accept as right and true and embrace it. I have to  let it speak to me. I have to love it. And practice it every moment of every day. Not generally but specifically. He drew me to specific scriptures addressing certain aspects of my life. [God is so good and smart. He knows just how to capture me. He backed me into a corner & I loved it because He was working to make me just like Jesus.]

In Matthew 5: 44 Jesus said “…love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you..” Uh-oh! God do you have to go there? He told me of the specific people I was having trouble with. He was showing me that overcoming is not just about me standing back and letting God deal with the situation. It is more about offering myself to be used by God to reach these same people who are trying to make life difficult. | It is not about me being a passive participant but about actively laying myself down as the instrument God will use in making things good again. Just like Jesus. For a moment I thought God has too much faith in me. How will I possibly be able to do what He was asking of me? Surrendering to God’s way was ripping my heart to shreds but I couldn’t help raising my hands and saying “I surrender. If I have to become a fool for the sake of my God, I will do so.” I had been captured, a willing victim in sweet surrender. So I started praying for my “enemies” & doing them good and saw God begin to turn thing around.

See, God is searching the earth for his people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth and this is it. True worship is total obedience. By accepting to do things His way, it is not just me doing it but Him doing it through me. Willingly giving myself as a vessel to be used to do a beautiful work. A living sacrifice. Since this is not an easy thing to do, we need to ask Him daily to help us live according to His will. We as clay are in the hands of God who is the potter and we need to allow Him to mould us into a vessel fit for noble use.

We have to desire to please God so much that we ask Him to create in us a clean heart because without it we cannot do it. To set us apart for His name’s sake and never take His presence away from us because it is a terrible life without the presence of God to assure us.

Have you surrendered to God today?

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