Of love and the single life

“Miaka 33 bila scandal, ama mpango, wa kando……” If you are not familiar with these words then it is my great pleasure to educate you. These are lyrics from the hit song “Ni Msoh” by Kelele Takatifu & HD and of course if you listen to it you will know they (obviously) refer to Jesus Christ.
I write this coz I kinda relate with Jesus – alikuwa 33 na haku-marry. Mimi pia sija-marry and I admit I have often wondered about the what, when, how, who, where and why of marriage.
Like many singles, I have had moments where I wonder “who’s mine, who’s not?” Daddy Owen & Co nailed it in their hit collabo ” I Don’t Know” watch it here and I salute them for giving voice to issues singles struggle with inwardly but do not dare talk about in the open. Being single in this day and age is not easy I tell you – the stigma is real.

For the longest time I felt marriage was not for me and one time when I shared this thought with some colleagues I got serious flak. “Uongo”, “everyone desires to get married” and so on mpaka I wished I had kept my mouth shut. Another time, someone asked me if I was sure whether God had called me to the single life or if He had planned for me to get married. I answered “of course” but I had never given the issue much thought. Later, I did think it through and had a one on one with God about it and He showed me that I had ‘issues’ concerning marriage that had made it seem unappealing.
Well, He mercifully started dealing with these heart issues and  as He continues to sort me out, I’m finding myself seeing the good side of marriage and actually looking forward to it. Mpaka the other day I found myself asking God, “sasa nita-marry nani? Kwani nitaji-marry? Ama ni wewe ndio utani-marry?” LOL! Crazy but these are the kind of conversations I have with God sometimes. He’s my daddy & friend and if I can’t ask him such ridiculous questions then who can I ask?
So anyway, I still don’t know wangu yuko wapi but with me and God being as tight as we are, I’m sure I am in good hands and He’s surely gonna hook me up.

P.S. It’s interesting to note that after the collabo, Kaberere has since married; Danco is engaged and Daddy Owen….well, siko sure but I know God is on the case 🙂

3 thoughts on “Of love and the single life

  1. Christine says:

    Yah, and I hav a feeling its gonna b very very soon! That change of mindset was necessary b4 'the' man came ur way, otherwse, had he come earlier ungetupa mbao, and God knew that! 🙂

  2. ORiGinAL KeNy@N says:

    ha ha ha, finally indeed! imagine, the day i struggled to write that post a computer malfunction caused it to disappear 🙁 then I got kiasi bummed. of course Christine, ma41 lazma zikam

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