“Sitolia” by Willy Paul & Gloria Muliro

A collabo made in heaven is how I describe it. What is there not to love about this song? The Bongo beat sounds fresh as ever and the chemistry between these two artistes in the video is incredible. It has a serious storyline where a guy is being mistreated by someone who was close to him. He is thrown out of a car into a muddy puddle in the middle of a downpour. At this point he has the right to be mad, sad and pitiful but through encouragement he is able to dry his tears and move on.

I then remembered times when I have been treated unfairly and how it’s been difficult to let go. See, I’m the kind of person who naturally doesn’t forget. Do me wrong and chances are high that I’ll remember that for a looong time. Simply put, the song’s title means “I Ain’t Gonna Cry”. It’s my new mantra too, “I’m not gonna cry”. There’s so much stuff going on around that begs a pitiful outlook, but I say I’m not gonna cry. This is a new season and crying is officially out.

Maybe like me you have been misunderstood time and again by colleagues; you have been judged, found guilty and sentenced for crimes you did not commit in the Court of Haters; perhaps its the boss from hell or somewhere thereabouts; the list can go on.

The question is, so what? I mean, what are you going to do about it? What results will moaning & complaining get you? Does carrying a grudge really help? Don’t know about you but for me, grudges come so easily – I don’t have to struggle to keep one. However, it is for this reason that I have decided that I’m going to fight. I’m a rebel with a cause against my own nature coz I’ve got to beat this and stay clean.

But how do I do this? “…nayo salvation yako haitadunda…” “viganjani mwake amekuweka…” These are some of the lyrics in the song straight from scripture. God assures me that He’ll sustain my faith and He has inscribed my name on the palms of His hands. Really cool.

So this is not my fight. It is our fight. Me & God are a team and as the Bible says, in 2 Chronicles 20:15 ..”the battle is not yours but God’s.

By God’s grace I will let Him fight my battles. I won’t cry anymore about how the devil is trying to mess with stuff in my life, after all he’s just doing his job. I will instead hit the floor on my knees and trust God with all I’ve got for the victory He’s promised me. Plus I’ve been in the OR getting myself heart & mind surgery with the best surgery team in the world – ref. Hebrews 4:12; Romans 12:2; 1 Corinthians 2:16 – so I know I’ll be able to handle “stuff” in the right way.

And it goes beyond my family, work and social circles. Kenyans love talking politics and complaining how everything’s going downhill – really? I will not join them because I know better. God holds Kenya in His hands and has great plans for us. Plus there’s something I CAN do. I can pray, run for public office, be salt & light, representing Jesus wherever I am…. and a whole lot of stuff that will make a difference so there’s no need to cry.

Cry no more!

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