“The Opinionista”

Yep, that’s me! and I’m not just a loud mouth with an opinion about everything which exists but I’m one real and Christ-styled Opinionista sista 🙂

A brief intro first: I landed on this planet some 30+years ago and was my mum’s quietest baby – I must have decided that as her seventh baby, she had had it with screaming babies.

My elder siblings just looooved me coz when mum was away and they were babysitting me, they would just feed me and change my nappy in the morning and then go out to play with the neighbourhood kids – and leave me alone. They would come back for a lunch break, do the nappy-feed drill and leave me again. And I never used to cry from hunger or for a nappy change – my bottom must have been industrial strength I think.

4 thoughts on ““The Opinionista”

  1. Christine says:

    Yeah, infact I wanted to ask you kama umedecide blog over book! You can do both by the way….am still waiting for that 1st book autographed by you!!! No excuse! As for me am just being lazy…..no book or blog to my name! But soon…very soon! Let me finish going thru this experience….am almost finishing the last chapter 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    Fupi sana! Just when am like…ehe and then pap! Imeisha. UNFAIR!! Haki nimeachwa nimehang! 🙁
    The gud news is am excited! :))) Clap! Clap! Clap!

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