Valentine’s Day 2012

Now, now, am no sucker for Valentine’s Day but sometimes such a day can take on special meaning even for a “skeptic” like me. Well it so happens that I’m so in love at this time that I decide that this year, Val’s is for me. I will celebrate Val’s Day.
My Valentine is my 8 year-old nephew Njugush. He’s been having a tough time lately and much as he’s always in my heart, mind and prayers, this time it’s more special.

So I decide that I will buy him a watch and some board games and give him a surprise visit on Val’s Day weekend. I arrive at his house Friday night and his reaction is just what I hoped it would be – priceless. The boy is in shock and being one not to pass up an opportunity, he ditches his food immediately – sly little guy! See, I find him “nyetaring” in front of the TV – refusing to finish his supper and I happen to be the diversion from heaven. Anyways, his appetite picks up and he finishes his food just for me. Smiley
We spend Saturday revising, listening to Christian radio, eating junk and talking about anything and everything. He’s asking a lot of questions about life, God & the Bible and I’m doing a lot of answering, challenged by his depth of insight. I find myself several times through the day praying to God to give me wisdom and the words to impart to this little guy – words that will count for eternity.
In the evening it’s his turn to lead  devotions, and he shares Psalms 119: 153-159 and I silently wonder if he understands what a timely prayer of faith, of deliverance the scripture he’s just shared is. As I tuck him in later that night we talk about the challenges he’s been facing and I promise to pray for him everyday without fail till God answers our prayers. So help me God.
In other words, I had the awesomest Valentine’s weekend.

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